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To secure and protect your PC is a personal responsibility you must not take lightly; for in it's the lifeblood of everything - Information! Whether in the home, school, office, or any business and organization you're into, this responsibility must certanly be put into action. Else, your cash, investments, identity and personal information could possibly be at risk!

Approaches to Protect Your PC

Firewalls. A component of a network or top 20 security software free download system that's designed to block system access which are not authorized while allowing authorized interactions and communication. Firewalls are executed in either software or hardware, or integration of both.

For anyone already linked to the Internet by way of a router, there's you should not install'all-in-one'security software as your router now serves as hardware-based firewall to restrain bad guys, Internet worms, trojan horses and viruses from having usage of your system.
As part of MS Windows Security Measures, just like the XP and Vista, built-in software firewalls are actually integrated with the package to guard you from bad elements that creates system destruction.
Turn on your Windows XP firewall by clicking: Start button then click Control Panel then Security Center icon then click the Windows Firewall situated at the end of the window.
Read information regarding Firewalls and you could download free software firewall that will accomplish tasks to stop you protected.
Anti-virus. Essential software that's used to detect, remove and prevent malwares, computer viruses, worms and trojan horses. These programs also remove and prevent spyware, adware and other kinds of malware.

Unlike Firewalls, Anti-viruses aren't integrated with any version of Windows. But, you should not spend much to fund anti-virus protection.
Search the Internet for information regarding anti-viruses and download the free version that has been which can work efficiently and effectively, as well as much better than those paid ones - AVG, A'vast, Avira AntiVir, PC Tools AntiVirus, and many more.

Anti-phishing. As defined in the field of computer security, Phishing describes the criminally fraudulent procedure for trying to obtain sensitive information - usernames, passwords, and account details such as in charge cards by pretending to be always a trustworthy agent in an electronic transaction or communication.
Phishing is usually carried-out by instant messaging, emails and other communication means; masquerading to be originating from popular auction sites, social networking websites, online payment processors or IT administrators to entice unsuspicious public.
The Internet Explorer 7 of MS Windows XP (free downloadable upgrade) and MS Windows Vista (pre-installed) comes with built-in anti-phishing software. To enable this feature or to verify if this is already enabled: Start Internet Explorer then go to Tools, then Phishing Filter then Turn on automatic Phishing Filter (recommended).
Download and install to take advantage of free protection provided by Anti-virus companies - TrendMicro's TrendProtect and OpenDNS.
Anti-spyware. A kind of Malware that may be installed on computers to gather items of user's information at the same time with no users'awareness. Spywares are often hidden from the consumer and are hard to detect and remove once infected since they're secretly installed.

Spyware has become very top free security software download and hard to detect that it has almost substituted viruses. But it has been resolved with some Anti-spyware programs; providing protection at no cost - Windows Defender (MS Windows XP & Vista), SpywareBlaster (Built-in with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox).

All-In-One Security Software. If you want a software application that does everything, there are a number of free versions from which to choose - CyberDefender and Blink Personal Edition (free for just one year).

Though, this All-In-One Security Software works just great, many technical people do not really recommended this but the option is entirely yours.

Keep in mind that protecting your computer means protecting everything - your wealth, investments, identity and life. And there are a number of means and ways to accomplish this. Search the Internet and read articles to help you make a smart decision; just be sure not to pay much when you can find available choices to be effectively and efficiently protected at minimal or no cost at all!